About Workout Mission

The Story

Jason Kay, Founder

The concept for Workout Mission evolved slowly during a very challenging and stressful time in my life, years before Workout Mission was even an idea. During this period, getting to the gym at all was difficult for me. One day, while at my doctor’s office, the nurse suggested that I try working out four days per week and see what happens. Despite my feeling so poorly at the time, the challenge of working out four times a week gave me a concrete goal to focus on and work toward. (Of course, check with your doctor to determine how much exercise is appropriate for you.) What I didn't know at the time was that this nurse's casual suggestion was about to deeply change my life.

I joined a local gym and began working out four days a week as she had suggested. No matter how I felt, I was determined to complete my four workouts. After each workout I would put a sticker in my calendar to help me remember how many times I had worked out that week.

Slowly but surely, and almost without my noticing, things began to turn around. Exercising became easier. I was feeling better. I was sleeping better. I had more energy during the day, felt that I was thinking more clearly and regained my creativity. And although I had more energy, I felt a sense of calm that I had not felt for a long time. While working out was probably not the only contributing factor that led to real changes in my life, I know it played a huge role.

At the end of the year I totaled my workouts. I was excited and proud that I had persisted and had achieved so many workouts and wanted to celebrate in some way. That’s when I had the idea of donating one dollar for each of my workouts to the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity. Upon making my donation, I dedicated all my workouts to someone special in my life who never lost faith in me during such a difficult time.

By sharing my strength with others each time I exercise, I feel I’m giving thanks for all the gifts life has brought to me, including the ability to work out and feel so good. After a couple of years of maintaining my workout goals, donating and dedicating my workouts, I began to realize that other people might also benefit from the same challenge. And with that thought, the process of building Workout Mission was on its way.

The Workout Goal

It takes committed effort to exercise a certain number of times each week. Often we lose track of how many times we've worked out and "wait for tomorrow" to make up for a skipped workout. Workout Mission serves to make it easier for you to set a weekly workout goal and track each day you exercise through your Workout Calendar.

Celebrating Your Strength

We all workout for various reasons including the desire to be physically and mentally fit, for camaraderie, for the excitement of competition and much more. The act of exercising is a celebration of life. What better time than to share this good energy with others.

Workout Mission makes the process of giving easier by linking every workout with a shared mission. By documenting each workout and donating one dollar each time you exercise to your chosen Mission (charity), you help yourself stay physically fit while at the same time helping others in real need. A win for you, a win for others.

All donations made through Workout Mission are to 501(c)3 nonprofits. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We will email you a receipt each time you donate.