How Workout Mission Works

Workout Mission makes the process of giving easier by linking every workout with a shared mission. By documenting each workout and donating $1 each time you exercise to your chosen Mission (charity), you help yourself stay physically fit while at the same time helping others in real need. A win for you, a win for others.

Weekly Workout Goal

1. Set Your Weekly Workout Goal

Set the minimum number of workouts you would like to achieve each week.

Select a Mission

2. Select a Mission

Select one of the five Current Missions (charities) that will be linked to each workout. You can change your Mission at any time.

3. Enter Your Workouts

After completing a workout, enter it into your Workout Calendar. A workout can be anything you determine, including running, tennis, brisk walking, biking, lifting weights and much more. Keeping track of how many times you exercise each week can help you to consistently achieve your Minimum Weekly Workout Goal.

Celebrate Your Strength

4. Celebrate Your Strength

After completing 10 workouts, you can celebrate your strength by donating one dollar per workout ($10) to your selected Mission. All donations made through Workout Mission are to 501(c)3 nonprofits and are 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We will email you a receipt each time you donate.

Dedicate Workouts and DonationDedicate Workouts and Donation

5. Dedicate your Workouts & Donation

Each time you achieve 10 workouts and support your Mission, you have the opportunity to dedicate your strength and charitable donation to someone special in your life.

Bear Hug

6. Build your Network of Strength

Each time a friend completes 10 workouts and shares their strength, you’ll have the opportunity to Send Some Love. Have fun, stay fit and take the journey together!

Mission Success

7. Mission Success

Once the overall Mission goal has been achieved, you will receive a Mission Success email. A new Mission will be added to the list of active Missions for you to choose from. Feel Happy. You've helped yourself stay physically fit and shared your strength with others.

How do charities receive the donations?

Workout Mission does NOT make money from Mission donations. When donating to your Mission, the entire amount goes to the charity minus a small transaction fee that covers a standard credit card fee and the disbursement of donations to the various charities. Workout Mission's system is set up so that we never touch the actual payment. Charities receive the donations monthly or weekly depending on their setup. You can find more information about this process in our Terms of Use. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.