Offer the freedom of bicycling to someone visually impaired and/or disabled.

Raising $3,500 enables InTandem to purchase a new quality tandem road bike, providing years of use for visually impaired people and their sighted Captains.

Mission Teammates

 InTandem provides an opportunity for people to bicycle who otherwise couldn’t do so on their own. During tandem cycling, the sighted partner called the “Captain” rides in the front and the visually impaired partner called the “Stoker” rides in the back. With the help of the Captain, visually impaired riders feel both connected and empowered. People with disabilities are often limited in their recreation options. Enabling people to bike provides a great workout and offers a unique way for people to bond.

InTandem provides the tandem bikes, equipment, training and coordinates riding programs – all at no cost to its members.


InTandem provides organized rides around Central Park in New York City every Saturday.  They also organize and sponsor rides around the New York metropolitan area.

Great Quote

"When someone goes blind they see with their hands and they see with their heart". – Chris Wilkinson, an accomplished runner and cyclist who fixes machinery for New York City and is also blind.  Read more about Mr. Wilkinson.

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