Provide a person battling addiction an outlet for recovery though sport and a sober community.

Raising $2,500 for The Phoenix provides free activities such as climbing and biking for those trying to overcome drug addiction.

The Phoenix
Mission Teammates

The Phoenix fosters a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and those who choose to live a sober life. Through pursuits such as climbing, hiking, running, strength training, yoga, road/mountain biking, socials and other activities, they seek to help their members develop and maintain the emotional strength they need to stay sober. 

Every week, The Phoenix offers gym memberships and events in multiple cities across the US where the membership fee is 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

Building a New Identity as a Sober Athlete in Place of a Drug Addict or Alcoholic

The Phoenix employs highly trained and skilled instructors who can relate to members on a shared commitment to sobriety and recovery.  They host all levels of events ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert.  Participants find partners of similar ability to enjoy the sport of their choice. 

By giving people the tools to participate in and empowering them to excel at new endeavors, The Phoenix helps build confidence and self-worth, while creating sober social networks in which they can comfortably push their boundaries, make new friends, and learn about themselves.  The Phoenix also helps members to see that there is much more to life than the short-lived thrills or emotional numbness offered by a pill or a bottle.

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